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Terms and Conditions


These guidelines are specifically not written in ‘Legalese’. They are intended to be understood by the general public.
If you have any issues at all kindly send a mail to for further clarification.
‘Ecko’ means Ecko Technologies (PTY) Ltd t/a Ecko Workwear
  • Any prices as found on, Ecko Quotations or Proforma invoices, or any other possible lists, sources or media, are guidelines only, and subject to change without notice
  • Errors and omissions are excepted (E&OE) on all correspondence verbal or written between Ecko and its clients or potential clients or any other party that is not an existing Ecko supplier
  • It is also your responsibility to read the Quote / Pro Forma thoroughly with respect to checking that the model, sizing and colours and other parameters you requested have been correctly stipulated prior to placing an order and / or paying. Returns or Swops resulting from incorrect checking on your part may result in a higher Handling Fee as per Returns / Swop policy
  • Ecko Safety reserves its right to (retrospectively if necessary) reject any specific transaction for any reason whatsoever, and refund you, at its discretion
Quote Stock and Service Availability
  • Quoted lead times are for guideline purposes only, and are subject to actual stock availability at time of quoting. Stock availability is fluid and constantly changing
  • Ecko will not regard any client order as accepted until paid for
  • Due to many challenges facing business currently, Ecko will endeavour to service client orders based on its ‘best efforts’ time frame
Collection vs Delivery vs Courier
  • Unless otherwise stated, a transaction is based on collection by the client. Delivery and Courier fees are extra.
  • If courier is quoted, it will automatically be based on the cheapest economy rates, and subject to the courier’s lead times, which are out of Ecko’s control
  • Ecko are a wholesaler, not a manufacturer.
  • Colours may vary or differ from those shown on website or quoted. A good example is the industry term "Lime" with reflective clothing, which usually manifests as bright yellow. A grey for example may be darker or lighter.
  • Items may vary or differ, from time to time, to pictures as posted on our internet website or this quote
  • Each batch may differ slightly from the next in terms of sizing, colour, texture and other parameters
  • Due to the multiple sources of procurement Unbranded / Generic items, especially "Economy Spec" items, are adequate for the purpose intended, are economically priced, mass-produced and offered as standard throughout the WorkWear / PPE industry. You get what you pay for. Emphasis is on Fair Quality, Quantity and Price. These items are usually manufactured outside of SA.
WorkWear Sizing
  • Our Workwear sizing is quoted PER CHEST SIZE. A chest size is always 4 sizes larger than the waist size. For example if you ordered a size 38 conti suit, the pants will be a size 34. Conversely if you ordered a conti suit and specified that you require a size 34 pants size, you will receive a size 38 Conti Suit.
  • Personnel usually prefer loose-fitting conti suits - rather order LARGER.
Embroidery, Reflective Tape Sew-ons, Printing and Garment Alterations – collectively referred to as ‘Modifications’
  • The lead time for any of the above forms of garment modifications depends on
    • The timeous response of the client to provide the required logos and information
    • The complexity of the artwork required to be designed
    • The timeous response of the client to approve the artwork
    • The actual time-frame of receiving the goods to be improved from suppliers. Corporate clothing suppliers are notorious for delays in supply
    • The volumes required to process. Two thousand garments require significantly more time than twenty.
    • Whether the process is printing or embroidery – embroidery is much quicker than printing
  • As mentioned below in the returns policy, any improved garment is automatically excluded from being returned or swopped out.
Quality Issues
  • No warranties are offered on any goods
  • No quality issues will be considered if global washing guidelines are not applied
  • Any items with quality issues will be sent to Ecko’s suppliers for appraisal and will only be swopped / returned should Ecko’s supplier agree to the same
  • Ecko does not accept responsibility to Collect / Courier / Deliver disputed items from and to clients.
Cancellation / Returns / Refunds / Swop Policy
  • Cancelled orders incur an automatic 10% administration fee
  • Quotes/Proformas that have been accepted and paid for, incur an automatic 10% administration fee if subsequently cancelled / refund requested
  • No Returns / Swops will be accepted under any circumstances for items that have been Embroidered, Printed, added Reflective Tape or modified in any other way
  • For all other items, Ecko reserves the right to refuse to accept Returned goods or Swop requests, should it find such request unreasonable and / or
    • Any swops or returns are later than 7 days from invoice
    • Items are Opened and / or Worn
    • Items are Marked or Damaged / Spoilt / Stained / ** WASHED **
    • Items Returned without intact Original Packaging and Invoice
  • Returns or Swops on the basis of insufficient quality as per customer may be subject to
    • Review / Acceptance of this claim by the manufacturer
    • Ecko reserving the right to offer a better quality item at a possibly higher price in exchange
  • Should Ecko however decide to accept a goods return or swop request, then a handling fee (minimum 10%) will be applicable and calculated based on
    • The number of recurring swops / returns by the same client
    • The type of item being returned or swopped
      • Econo items, specifically work wear, will be levied at 20%. It is specifically stated up-front in these terms that Ecko is charged this handling percentage by its suppliers for returns and swops
    • The administration costs and delivery and collection costs that the return or swop will generate
  • Refunds, if applicable, may take up to 30 days from receipt of returned / swopped goods.

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