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Frequantly Asked Questions
How accurate is the website pricing?
Prices are Live on our website and are subject to change without notice. Our suppliers change their pricing without notice and we are forced to transfer these changes immediately when applicable. We do undertake however to honour the prices as offered on any specific quote for seven days from Quote Date, providing payment has been received within these 7 days.
What types of branding do you do?
Ecko Safety understands the strong need for so many companies in the industry to brand their workwear. We are proud that we are one of the leaders in this genre, as a value-added-service to our clients. Through trial and error, we have partnered up with tried and tested sub-contractors, who deliver quality outcomes every time. We do not try to profit out of branding, as it is a value-add, therefore our pricing is highly competitiive.

We offer Embroidery, Screen Printing and Video-Flexing. We have a passion for quality and delivering on our promises, on time. Whether you have a large corporate order, or a small personal one – your complete satisfaction truly matters to us.

We brand Headwear, caps, t-shirts, golf shirts, lounge shirts, workwear, jackets, beanies and so much more!

The price of branding is based on the complexity in each design and the number of units in each run.

How do I get a quote and how long do I expect to wait?
Send a mail to We mostly answer quote requests within an hour or two. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest quoters in the business
How do I place an order?
Most customers accept their quote by paying and using the quote number as the payment reference. We offer extremely good pricing and our low margins require good cash flow, so we generally require payment in advance of order.
How do I get my payment recorded as fast as possible.
We have a section of the accounts department devoted to monitoring new payments. As soon as a payment reflects in one of our accounts we process the order. We bank with Standard, FNB, ABSA and Nedbank, to assist with faster clearing. Same bank-to-bank transfers (eg FNB-to-FNB) usually clear immediately.
How do we know ZA has received our payment
All customers will be called shortly after the payment has been recorded, to confirm receipt, discuss the order and confirm delivery parameters. If you have any problems you are welcome to email for urgent assistance.
What is the average order lead time
Common PPE items are usually collected / delivered within 3 days of receipt of payment. Uncommon items are dependent on their specific challenges, and these delays will be communicated to you timeously.
Can I get my order delivered?
Delivery is free within Germiston, Alberton, Boksburg and Eastern Johannesburg. Delivery may also be included dependent on the size of an order. If none of the above applies, be sure to ask the sales consultant for a delivery / courier quote. Collection is assumed otherwise.
How good is your quality?
Simply put, we will never sell bad quality items or cut corners. Our reputation and survival depends on repeat customer business. That being said, you should know some facts about this trade:
  • Colours may vary or differ from those shown on website or quoted. A good example is the industry term "Lime" with reflective clothing, which usually manifests as bright yellow.
  • Items may differ from time to time to pictures as posted on our internet website or this quote, dependent on stock sources available at time of purchase.
  • Unbranded or Generic items, especially “Economy Spec” items, are adequate for the purpose intended, are economically priced, mass-produced and offered as standard throughout the WorkWear / PPE industry. You get what you pay for. Emphasis is on Fair Quality , Quantity and Price - therefore each batch may differ slightly from the next in terms of sizing, colour, texture etc, due to the multiple sources of procurement. These items are usually manufactured outside of SA.
  • We also sell a lot of name-brand items of discernible quality such as Javlin, Chef Attire, Jonsson, Bova, Le Maitre and many many more.
How do I know what size to order?

Our Workwear sizing is quoted PER CHEST SIZE. A chest size is always 4 sizes larger than the waist size. For example if you ordered a size 38 conti suit, the pants will be a size 34. Conversely if you ordered a conti suit and specified that you require a size 34 pants size, you will receive a size 38 Conti Suit.

Personnel usually prefer loose-fitting conti suits - rather order larger.
What is your Returns / Swop Policy
As with our quality, we try to strike a balance between accommodating our customers and ensuring we survive:
  • We are a uniforms and PPE wholesaler – not a manufacturer. No warranties are offered on any goods other than a 7 day return / swop policy as per below. Any Name-Branded Factory Warranties implied on any item would be for Your Claim againstthe Manufacturer itself, and We only offer to act as a Facilitator between You and the Manufacturer if such implied Warranty exists and / or the Manufacturer is Reachable / Approachable.
  • Items may only be requested for return or swopped strictly within 7 days of the purchase invoice date, (excepting for altered items as per below), subject to us reserving all our rights under law to refuse the return / swop:
    • Unconditionally, and in all circumstances, after the 7 days.
    • Even within the 7 day period, in full or in part, should the nature of the return / swop be unfair to us or endanger our economic ability to withstand the return / swop. If an item was a specially ordered custom stock unit, and we have no possibly of returning it to our supplier, then we cannot offer the client a return either.
  • Only goods in perfect untouched / un-used condition that are in their original packaging will be considered for return / swop.
  • We reserve the right to charge you a handling fee for the return / swop-out if effected, the quantum of which is entirely at our discretion, and determined by:
    • Our ability to sell the item if returned. Commonly sold / stocked items will not be penalized but specialized, hard-to-sell items will definitely be penalized.
    • Your reasons for the return for doing so. A simple “change of mind” for example may be heavily penalized.
    • Our ability to return the items to our suppliers, and whether or not our suppliers charge a handling fee.
  • Items that have been altered in any way, including alterations, embroidery, silk-screening, reflective tape sewn on etc. are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SWOP-OUT OUT OR RETURN FOR CREDIT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER, once delivered with the above mentioned, you are encouraged to purchase item samples before placing your order, in order to confirm quality, colouring, sizing etc. You are also welcome to bring your staff to our premises for pre-fitting, by arrangement. Also be sure to have a sample of your artwork, its specifications, colouring and placement in writing before placing your order. It is re-iterated that we are a wholesaler, and do not have the resources to customize / alter garments, only facilitate such, and the onus lies with you to check thoroughly before proceeding with orders requiring alterations.

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